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Do you love the real analogue sound?
We do!
Do you want to listen and hear what we were deprived of because of digital technology and marketing tricks?
We do!
It is possible to get a good sound at home, but you need an appropriate audio equipment for the sound to fully unfold itself.
We have searched for it in the modern audio equipment, but each time High-End audio equipment from the late 80s has beaten the modern equipment.
Therefore, we have returned to the “forgotten past” and started to search for, to restore and to enjoy the best audio rarities of the '80s.
That is why we have created a company focused on the vintage audio.
What do we look for and how?
We have like-minded friends in different countries, lovers of the audio rarities who are our partners. They search for the audio equipment directly from the owners in Japan, the USA and Europe. Our partners are always trying to buy the equipment with minimal damage and in working condition.
However, time takes its toll, so we buy the audio equipment and restore it, making it work, sound and look in the way that would make you want to buy it and enjoy the sound and the aesthetics of the High-End from the late '80s.
Are you interested in this? Do you want to become an owner of vintage audio equipment?

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