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Service, Repair and Restoration

We offer repair services for high quality vintage audio equipment, preferably from the 70's and 80's, the golden age of audio.

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You can contact us for the service of tape recorders, cassette decks, turntables, amplifiers, preamplifiers, crossovers, equalizers, selectors and speakers.

We can also renew the cosmetic condition from original to custom.

Our company deals with the restoration of original parts and components, and also manufactures custom and special assemblies at the request of the customer. The company's capabilities include 3D printing and the use of CNC machines.

We are ready to offer upgrades for your devices using modern technologies that will improve the original parameters.


Service and cosmetic work is carried out by personnel with a high level of professionalism and experience.

Before being sent to the customer, each product is checked by a certified engineer.

The cost and scope of work in each case is discussed individually. An important factor is the availability of spare parts. Based on the results of such discussion, a decision on the possibility of the service is made.


A necessary condition for such a discussion is the conduct of a basic service, on the basis of which it is possible to draw a conclusion about the actual state of the device.

Delivery to us is possible either in person or by post. If necessary, we can send a special box for packing.

Minimum cost of basic service is from 199 EUR excl. 19% VAT

After completion of the work, an individual statutory warranty for 1 year for the work carried out is provided in accordance with the law.


A longer warranty can also be provided for individual components or the device as a whole (depending on which service was carried out), subject to regular maintenance, depending on the type of device and its degree of wear.

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This price includes the minimum required list of works such as:
1. Full inspection of the device according to the internal instructions of our company
2. Checking and changing the lubrication of the main moving parts
3. Replacement of belts and pinch rollers (depending on device type) - the cost of spare parts is not included in this price and will be charged separately
4. Internal cleaning
5. Checking and adjusting basic elements such as the tape head, the turntable cartridge or the volume and balance of amplifiers
6. Conclusion on the cosmetic condition of the device, the degree of wear and tear of individual parts and components and a recommendation (if necessary) for replacement based on our company's internal instructions;

The costs of cosmetic renewal, spare parts and transport costs are discussed  on an individual basis.

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