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Unsere neuen Hybrid-Lautsprecher

Nach jahrelanger Arbeit mit Vintage-Audio haben wir uns entschlossen, unsere eigenen Lautsprecher zu entwickeln, die den Zuhörern aufgrund des kreativen Designs und der verwendeten Technologien die volle Klangfülle bieten.

Wir sind stolz, Ihnen unser neues Projekt vorzustellen - unsere neuen Hybrid-Lautsprecher mit DML-Technologie.

Wir hoffen, dass wir uns im Sommer/Herbst 2022 der Öffentlichkeit angemessen präsentieren können.

Three-way active speaker system
This is an open-type hybrid dipole speaker system

This design applies DML technology and ESS Heil Air
Motion Transformer™ I - LARGE (LIMITED EDITION)
technology using the lightest natural material - balsa.

The system uses two drivers made of balsa
with original technology:

-Active loudspeaker 0,16 m²
-Passive radiator 0,22 m² - this is an equivalent
of a classic 28" speaker

The analog RCA connector or the Bluetooth® digital
wireless connection (TWS) can be used to transmit
high-definition audio.

Each speaker has three separate Class-D amplifiers
with a very low distortion ratio, built from an original
design and perfectly coordinated with the drivers.

Amplifiers are assembled on MOSFET transistors and
discrete elements.

The system has an active crossover filter implemented
on a digital signal processor.

The user can change the tonal balance as desired
using the frequency level controls on the front panel
of the speaker system.

Finishing with a natural veneer from expensive types
of wood gives the speaker a beautiful look in accor
dance with the client's wishes.

Type of finish: matte or polished


Type: 3 way, open baffle
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Power amplifier: 200W @ 0.001%
THD+N, Class-D

height: 1200 cm
width: 520 cm
depth: 320 cm
Weight: 30 kg

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